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Product CenterThe product variety is rich, sets the industry superiority, prepares the customer to need

Our packaging materials are widely used in the production and packaging fields

Has passed QS certification; ISO9001 quality management System certification; ISO14001 Environmental management System certification.



Top 4 reasons to choose usProduction capacity: 800-3000 tons/month,Can produce a variety of specifications (20-1700mm),Multiple choice of grams (27-400g/㎡)

01We have corresponding certifications

With a R & D team and a number of invention and technology application patents. We are a professional manufacturer of medical packaging materials, and have 10 years of enterprise production experience. Has a variety of qualification certificates and corresponding certifications. Our factory has passed iso9001:2008 and 14001:2004 quality and environment management system certification and QS certification.

02The annual inventory is sufficient

Our company has a number of professional and technical personnel and compound senior talent. Our products can not only meet the different needs of customers, also constantly develop new technology. To meet the market demand. Products are mainly used in food, paper, chemical, printing, medicine and other industries. For example: desiccant, wood products, coated paper, small food and other products packaging. Standing stock of a variety of specifications is readily available to meet the customers different requirements.

03 Multiple quality inspection procedures

The company has passed iso9001:2000 quality management system certification. Production and processing environment are up to the standard and all products are certified by SGS. Strictly carry out instrument sampling inspection on the products to ensure that every batch of products from the factory are qualified. The introduction of domestic and foreign mature production technology and precision processing equipment. We can also produce products with special specifications according to customers' requirements.

04Considerate after-sales service

7*24 hours to provide professional technical services and solution support. Regular feedback and tracking of the use of the product. After-sales service is guaranteed. Pre-sales team commitment: respond and propose solutions to meet customer needs within 24 hours.


EquipmentFollow the internationally recognized quality system and maintain a strict quality control system.

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As people pay more and more attention to food safety, food production enterprises put food safety requirements in the first place, in order to meet the food safety requirements of customers, food grade coated paper also came into being. Foo...

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  • Application of food grade coated paperOn October 30, 2020, we all know that ordinary paper is made of wood fiber and has strong water absorption. Therefore, we all know that food grade coated paper is also afraid of moisture absorption. The coating machine is used to uniformly...
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About usOur company now has a variety of advanced testing equipment and related auxiliary equipment and standard production process. The organization has passed ISO quality management system certification, safety production standardization certification...